About Jay Talbot and his company Jaybo Art

Jay Talbot created Jaybo Art in the spring of 2014 in the art halls of the University of South Carolina. He was minoring in art studio and taking advance drawing courses when he started posting his artwork from class on social media. Companies from around the world found these drawings and started paying him for the rights to use his drawings on apparel.

6 months after graduating college, he decided to take the leap to go full time. It was a rough few years getting started but he knew that art was going to work out as a viable business. 

After 8 years, Jay Talbot is now married to his beautiful wife Camlin and lives in Columbia, SC. Jay works out of his home studio where he and his wife fulfill online orders and he creates the newest designs for his own business now.

The biggest joy for him is having so many people like his art and hopefully brings a smile to their faces.