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Why I’m Happier Using a Flip Phone as a Sporting Artist

Using a flip phone in 2020 might sound extremely unconventional or even completely absurd. To be honest there were several reasons and several months of thinking about taking the plunge, and I honestly didn’t see many draw backs. I’ve been using this flip phone for the last 4 months and still want to keep using it. Here are two lists, one against smart phones and one for dumb phones.



Here are some things that smart phones do:

  • They make you lazy.
    • You don’t even have to think anymore. Type anything in and you have the answer, the directions, and the experience with out going anywhere, struggling, or thinking.
  • They make you anti-social.
    • Just look around at a restaurant or even across the table from you. Everyone is looking down on their cell phones.
  • They make you spend more money.
    • All a smart phone is, is a data collector to be processed through machine learning for large companies to be able to market to you extremely hard and accurate.
    • Not to mention you might spend $80/ month for a plan and $1,000 on the phone itself.
  • They make you distracted.
    • I read once, "The over load on information leads to distraction." To be honest how many of us go down long rabbit holes while on our smart phones?
  • They make you addicted.
    • The name of the app game is to have people actively using their app for as long as possible, as often as possible. The more views and engagement, the more money they make. So there are companies that their job is to make apps more addicting.
  • They make you lose touch with loved ones.
    • How often do we find ourselves visiting family, having a date night, or spending time with our kids and realize we all have been distracted the whole entire time. Your loved one feels subconsciously not as important as your phone. 


Here are some things flip phones do:

  • They make you think for yourself.
    • Real life problem solving. Makes you think on your feet if you run into a problem where you use to just be able to google or bring up a map. 
  • They make you work harder.
    • Apart from working harder mentally, actually figuring problems out. You don’t have this urge to be on your phone, so to pass the time I find myself being highly productive and fixing things around the house all the time. 
  • They make you save money.
    • You aren’t being bombarded all day long by marketing, and being influenced by wanting things you didn’t even know existed.
    • The cost of my flip phone was free from Affinity Cellular. And my last bill from them was $12.
  • They aren’t addicting- at all.
    • They are the opposite of addicting. You don’t want to use it unless you have to.
  • They make you spend genuine time with people.
    • This was the biggest reason why I got rid of my smart phone. I figured I would regret when I was older, all the time I spent on my stupid smart phone while I was with the people I loved.
  • They help you get away from work and worries.
    • This was my second biggest reason. I wanted to be able to leave my work behind after 5 pm and on the weekends. That time is reserved for my family and friends.


Most of these reasons weren’t enough for me to give up my smartphone. The only real reason that pushed me over the edge was realizing how much time with loved ones I was wasting by being on it. I’m not even saying to go out and buy a flip phone. It was just the easiest way for me to accomplish my goal of spending better quality time with my loved ones and friends, to be in the moment. When I leave work, I am completely disconnected.

You are probably wondering how I use Instagram and do anything else with my business. Well I now have an iPad Pro to run my business off of, but I try hard to only use it for business between 8am-5pm. Once I’m done for the day, I am ready to get off the iPad.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions or think I should elaborate on anything then leave a comment or send my a DM on me Instagram- @jayboart.

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